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Spring has Sprung 2022

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Spring has Sprung!

A new Season…a Season of New Beginnings … Flowers Blooming…

The entire world takes a fresh breathe and says…Let’s Start Anew!! Farmers will be planting new seeds, and temperatures will be starting to rise.

I might just say my favorite season…not too hot..not too cold…fresh breezes and the excitement of summer just around the corner!

There are many factors that come to mind when we here SPRING!!

1. Spring Cleaning

Cleaning the home of all old unused items that have been lingering in the corner. Old clothes donated to charity. Unused items given to someone else you may use it. Dust out the attics, rooms, basements etc. Pack away all the winter stuff for at least six months. Unless you’re; in Florida! Flip Flops are perennial here – Lucky us!!

Older toys – donate, older clothes – donate, changing color patterns/themes – donate older seasoned items.


2. Yard Sale

From the early 1800’s, the yard sale was the rummaging sale of the neighborhood! How to we get rid of items but not miss a beat on a possible buck? Yard Sale! From toys, unused waffle iron, winter jackets etc. Sometimes, passer-bys would stop by for small parts.Some electric items may not be working, but to someone else, they may just need a tiny knob, and turn key etc. Don’t underestimate the power of a good Yard Sale! Make sure to tell the neighborhood! Most Neighborhoods will have a monthly meeting or a Facebook page.

3. May Day

Celebrated in the US, Canada and parts of Europe. Certain traditions and customs reflect rebirth, flowers and the spring equinox. It has remnants of the Roman Empire and goddess Flora.

During this time, games, competitions and theatrical performances were performed from April 28th to May 3rd. Of course we don’t need any excuse in South East Florida to run to the Beach! As long as the sun is shining …you will find us sunning, smiling and counting our blessing for no snow!

4. Painted Eggs

Tracing back the tradition to ancient Egyptian and Sumerian times. Adorning Ostrich eggs and offering to them to the dead as gifts was a custom that was easy to fulfill.

Today we take this custom as family fun time as a time of togetherness and art project. Most families will boil eggs and use different methods to dip dye their eggs. Others will paint, others will cover with intricate lace, others will use plastic mold eggs and create fun wreathes, decorations etc.

Who better to refer to than Martha Stewart Egg Decorations

5. Easter Bunny

When German Immigrants settled in Pennsylvania, they brought along their old traditions. The Osterhase (Easter Bunny) was a Hare who bore eggs. As traditions merge, change and adapt, so do our recollections of where and how. But…the fun remains…and so the Easter Bunny will bring your Easter Eggs and Candy!!

6.Wet Monday

Some know it as Dyngus Day – a Polish tradition of Easter Monday where Children drench themselves in water…nowadays there is no better excuse that bringing out the SUPERSOAKER and squirt guns!

Most South East Asian countries follow similar water based traditions – boat races, splashing water over statues, floating lanterns on water etc. The connection or water and rebirth is strongly associated in this regions. Soaking your friend, is to bestow good luck and good fortune!

7. Maypole Dancing

This traditions of dancing around a pole with music and ribbons is most likely of German descent. Dancing around the pole symbolizes the old worships of dancing around a tree. This celebrated fertility and rebirth.

8 .Holi

You have seen this numerous times – “The Festival of Colors”. This Hindu believe practiced over the month of March has expanded to India and Nepal.

This colorful “color bombing” amongst friends, families and strangers continues to this day and is rooted to perseverance and defiance of tyranny. The Balance of cosmic karma!

So…in learning different traditions, you may think how fun and awesome Fort Lauderdale celebrates Easter in the Spring.

Our beaches get busier as spring breakers rush down to get away from the confines of condos and university living. Our restaurants extend their outdoor spaces to enjoy the beautiful weather. All in all…not a bad place to be…

I love my Fort Lauderdale… I love my Florida!

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