Uncategorized June 16, 2022

Clear the Clutter

Prepping to Declutter

Most people would set new years resolutions, and by March…it’s been forgotten!

If your home has quickly morphed into an office (multiple offices), a school, a gym, a salon—the list is endless—it’s no wonder you may be feeling a little frazzled, and your home may be looking, shall we say, less than tidy.

In Fort Lauderdale, if you’re considering selling your home to get into the spring marker…you need to declutter.

1. Take stock

Start by separating your items into Keep, Donate, Consign or Rubbish (broken)items.

If you haven’t worn it or used it in the past year…you’re probably not going to use it again!

How many boxes of old photos do you have…how many tablecloths do you need…do you need themed decor for every occasion?

If you’ve watched Marie Kondo..take a page from her book…does it bring you joy? No? Then let go!

Where can you take your items?

As a Realtor in Fort Lauderdale there are a few places in my community that you may contact, many of which have free pick ups!

Poverello’s –  Poverello Thrift Store and Food Bank

Out Of The Closet – Out Of The Closet

Florida Breast Cancer Foundation – Pick Ups For Breast Cancer

Encore Consignments – Consignment and Gallery

2. Digitize

This is easier…

Scan….upload….put it in a cloud or dropbox.

Unless you’re very attached to some items, you will not go through every dvd you’ve been hoarding for years. If anyhting, Netflix, Hulu etc have taught us that a little modem can now work wonders with everything you want to watch.

There are places you can sell your used dvd’s – 17 Best Places to Sell Used DVD

3. Get Crafty

Get some storage boxes and start packing things according to similarity.

Kitchen cleaning, Bathroom items, Candles, Themed Decor, Towels, Picnic Items etc.

Then again…you have a dollar store nearby for all must have quick items!

If you are considering Buying or Selling in Fort Lauderdale, Wilton Manors, Rio Vista, Weston, Delray, Boca or LightHouse Point, Call me today –Daniela Melaniti Of SFL Luxury Homes